Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Saber Cabinets?
Why are our prices lower?
How long does it take to assemble and install Saber Cabinets?
What tools will I need?
Assembly and installation of Saber Cabinets requires the following ordinary hand and carpentry tools:
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver  **  10 mm End Wrench  **  10 mm Socket/Rachet (1/4" drive)
  • Carpentry Level  **  Stud Finder  **  Cordless Drill with #2 Phillips Bit Driver   
Important Read - Why Wall Mount Cabinets?
Saber Cabinets are structurally designed to handle heavy loading when wall mounted.  We have all been pre-conditioned to accept the notion that
cabinets require legs.  Wall mounting is the preferred choice of Garage Professionals who design and install cabinets.  The reasons for this are:
  • Wall mounted cabinets have a cleaner look and a more professional appearance
  • Cabinets can be set on or above a protruding foundation and fastened flush to the wall, leaving no gaps behind cabinets
  • Eliminates different leg lengths for cabinets installed along the walls with a sloping garage floor
  • Easier to clean underneath cabinets - No legs to accumulate dust and debris
  • Better access for finding and retrieving items that roll underneath cabinets
  • The threads on adjustable legs will eventually rust and accumulate dirt and grime
  • Space underneath cabinets can be used to store longer items such as conduit, pvc pipe, and lumber
  • Lower unit cost without legs
What if my situation requires cabinet legs (levelers)?
We offer two sizes of optional adjustable cabinet legs at a nominal cost.  Our Camar legs have an adjustable height ranging from 4 - 9 inches.  
Cabinet bottoms have a choice of two rear leg mounting positions to offset protruding foundations, thereby allowing cabinets to be positioned flush to
the wall.   Situations that may require cabinet legs are:
  • Free standing single cabinets or cabinet islands
  • Steel buildings
  • Commercial buildings with walls constructed of steel studs
  • Hollow cinder block walls and some concrete walls
  • Cabinets with extremely heavy loading may require front cabinet legs to for additional support
What is the shelf loading capacity?
We do not specify recommended shelf loading for liability reasons.  That being said, load testing on the 48" wide storage cabinet shelf is:
          -  Zero  shelf deflection at 100 lb loading
          -  5/64" shelf deflection at 200 lb loading;
          -  5/32" shelf deflection at 300 lb loading.  
"shelf loading pdf" for pictures of the load testing.  We strongly recommend that heavily loaded shelves be fastened to the double wall side
panel using a #8 metal screw.  Shelves have pre-drilled holes.    
What about cabinets on rollers, is this a good choice?
At first glance, it may seem to be an attractive feature to have cabinets on rollers.  However, with the exception of a rolling tool chest, there are
many reasons why cabinets with rollers may actually be a poor choice, including:
  •  In all but the largest garages, functional locations to install cabinets if fairly obvious.  With a little planning of the cabinet layout, is highly unlikely
    that cabinets will ever need to be moved.
  • Garage floors can be very uneven - rolling cabinets may require shims to keep the unit from rocking
  • Residential Garage floors are sloped - rolling cabinets positioned along the back and side walls will not have a level top asit will tilt toward the
    overhead door
  • Rollers even in the locked position still allow cabinet movement.  This is particularly a nuisance for cabinets with drawers
  • Rollers make it impossible to position cabinets flush against the wall in garages with a protruding foundation

If your situation requires rollers, they can be mounted to the bottom of all Saber Base and Storage Cabinets.  We offer roller sets (2 swivel - 2 straight)
Harbor Freight also sells an inexpensive selection of different sizes and styles of rollers.
Ready To Assemble (RTA) versus Welded Cabinets
All Saber Cabinets come as Ready To Assemble units except the welded 1 Drawer, 4 Drawer, and 6 Drawer Base Cabinets (SB-11/14/16).  Saber RTA
cabinets are as strong as welded cabinets.  As an example, the body of the Saber 48" Tall Storage Cabinet is assembled with 42 fasteners, resulting in
an extremely strong and rigid unit.  Saber Cabinets were designed as Ready To Assemble units for two reasons:
  • Ready To Assemble cabinets significantly reduces inbound freight costs to our warehouse and subsequent shipping cost to the customer.   As
    mentioned above, the 15% savings in RTA shipping costs is reflected in our low prices.
  • Customer safety and handling - Our largest cabinet 48" wide cabinet weighs 315 lbs.  By packaging the unassembled cabinet in 3 cartons, it
    allows the customer to safely handle the parts/cartons without requiring specialized materials handling equipment.   If we shipped our 48" wide
    cabinet as a single 315 lb welded unit, it would be too heavy for most individuals to handle safely and without injury or damage to the cabinet.
Saber Cabinets was established in 2007 and is the designer of the Saber Product Line.  Cabinets are contract
manufactured in China using our tooling and molds and to our specifications.  Inventory is stored and shipped from our
Nevada warehouse.  As a smaller company, we are able to offer personalized service and can answer specific questions
about our product in a timely manner
Saber Cabinets cost significantly less than comparable high end metal cabinets (see Brand Comparisons) for 3 simple
  • We sell Wholesale Direct to the customer - (typical dealer/reseller mark-up is 30%-40%)
  • Our business overhead and sales margins are low
Depending upon your choice of modular cabinets, allow an average of 2 hours to assemble and install each cabinet.   
Obviously, the smaller upper cabinets will require less time than the large storage cabinets
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